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  • Jan 10 / JV BBBVallivue - 46, Ridgevue - 54
  • Jan 10 / Varsity BBBVallivue - 83, Ridgevue - 85
  • Jan 9 / Varsity GBBVallivue - 26, Caldwell - 35
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  • Jan 6 / Varsity GBBVallivue - 48, Wood River - 36
  • Jan 5 / Freshman GBBVallivue - 13, Emmett - 15
  • Jan 5 / JV GBBVallivue - 45, Emmett - 7
  • Jan 5 / Varsity GBBVallivue - 16, Emmett - 58
  • Jan 4 / Frosh BBBVallivue - 47, Columbia - 35
The Student News Site of Vallivue High School

The Valli-Vue

The Student News Site of Vallivue High School

The Valli-Vue

Artificial Intelligence: Is it Positive or Negative?

As AI technology improves and becomes more widespread, teachers are trying to figure out how it will change classroom teaching.

Artificial Intelligence, otherwise known as AI, was created by John McCarthy, who is considered the father of artificial intelligence. He was a computer scientist, who was 66 years old. Although McCarthy was the one who first “created” artificial intelligence, the person who wrote it was Christopher Strachey in 1951. Although it was originally created to run a machine, it has grown to be so much more.

This technology significantly changes sustainability, climate change, and environmental issues. AI was developed and popular from 1957 to 1974, and the first industrial robot was built in 1961. A more simple idea of AI is the idea of robots acting like humans. It scares a lot of people: maybe in the next 100 years you can’t tell humans apart from robots. Imagine unknowingly marrying a robot. Although AI is not just a robot, it can be as small as playing chess against your computer or an AI girlfriend or boyfriend.

A few VHS teachers, including Mr. Klar, Mrs. Steacker, Mrs. Jamison, and Mr. Self all had similar ideas about the use and future of AI. Each expressed the same concern: how it would affect writing in the future, maybe taking it over, and they won’t be able to know if students are actually writing the work themself, blurring the lines as to what is plagiarism and what is not.

Mr. Self discussed how it is affecting the world of sports, and he said AI helps to gather more accurate data for scoring games. Other than sports, he talked about how AI will eliminate writers, taking jobs away a lot of job opportunities. This also can include artists who make money by producing original work. 

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Mrs. Steacker thinks that AI hasn’t had a big effect yet, but hopes that it will help with smaller things like lesson planning, and more or so basic needs in teaching to make teaching a little easier. She was also concerned that AI technology would take away a lot of opportunities for many people including writers on a large scale.

Mrs. Jamison, VHS’s computer science teacher, has some positive and negative things to say about AI. She said AI could make teaching a lot easier but also a lot harder. The problem is that students aren’t always doing their own work which has a negative effect on students learning. She also states that AI might be giving out false information, making it even more difficult to find a way around that false information.

Mr. Klar expressed a slightly different opinion. He believes that we can find a way to control it, not like government power over AI, but in a more beneficial way to further society. He doesn’t want to take away jobs and business opportunities. 

There are many opinions surrounding the use of AI technology, and only time will tell what will happen and what won’t. It is a developing, emerging technology that has some definite benefits but could drastically change the job market.

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